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Since 2014, Czech trade & invest company s.r.o. has used its own lorry transport for travelling throughout the EU, as well as to so-called high-risk areas. This specifically means Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Serbia and Albania. Since 2015, our company has been able to provide maritime transport through a Ukrainian shipowner, which exclusively uses its own ship fleet with a professional and permanent crew. Maritime transport specialises in shipments to central Africa, particularly to the Douala Harbour in Cameroon and the Point-Noire Harbour in Congo. Consignments are also carried by ship to Central and South America.

As part of these high-risk shipments, upon prior agreement or at the special request of the client, we are also capable of providing a physical (armed) security service, made up exclusively of former members of special armed forces. These security guards are fully equipped for the shipment’s final destination, both in terms of experience and language knowledge.

Online tracking of transported consignments using GPS and our own tracking programmes is assured. Our transportation services also include negotiating the best possible contractual conditions with long-standing business partners in the insurance sector.

High-risk lorry transportation is carried out exclusively with our own vehicles.


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