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Our corporation’s business philosophy consists in expansion to non-European trade markets, particularly in the areas of Africa, Russia, China and non-EU countries.

Equatorial Africa

We have noticed an extraordinary long-term interest from the entire CEMAC community in the import of new technologies for wood processing, modernisation of antiquated vehicle fleets and stable supplies of spare parts.

Mining of mineral raw materials in RCA (Central African Republic) and the opportunity of purchasing land which is owned by individual tribes is a separate chapter.

The extraction of mineral raw materials, especially copper, bauxite, coltan and titanium ore mining is an exceptional and highly lucrative industry in the region. Gold and diamond mining remains a specific feature, though it is subject to special permits issued by individual CEMAC states.

The most important task facing the construction industry is currently modernisation of antiquated infrastructure (construction of roads and railways), while there are also interesting government-guaranteed projects in the area of dam construction.

We can also successfully arrange all administrative formalities, making it as easy as possible for Czech and foreign trading companies to enter the CEMAC region in Central Africa and thereby providing the simplest possible way for companies to establish themselves in regions which we may find exotic, but which offer interesting opportunities for investment and trade.

European Union

Our main activities within the EU are commodity trading and an active focus on asset and debt management. We also deal with refinancing of indebted assets and the successful restructuring of companies.


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