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Czech trade & invest company s.r.o. provides trading and investment companies with special advisory and investment portfolio services for the territory of the CEMAC community in the areas of agriculture, the agro-industry, engineering, construction, financial services and the entertainment industry. We cooperate closely on this investment portfolio and seek advice on all transactions and business with the Central-European and Central-African Joint Chamber of Commerce, which has been our main partner since 2014.

Our Services

Through our sales agents, we provide the following services in this region:

  • Real estate purchases
  • Purchases of land intended for building residential units
  • Purchases of land intended for mining mineral raw materials in the Central African Republic
  • Necessary licences for mineral raw material mining
  • Necessary licences for the entertainment industry

We further provide legal and financial services for companies which conduct trade with receivables - purchase and management of receivables, and sale of assets.

Effective crisis management

is designed with the aim of successfully restructuring companies in various forms:

  • Refinancing indebted assets
  • Agreements with creditors
  • Sale of unneeded assets
  • Effective completion of prospective projects
  • Long-term appreciation of companies
  • Active management of assets and equity interests
  • Financial services – active trading with receivables


In case of interest, please do not hesitate to contact us.