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Czech trade & invest company s.r.o. draws on more than 10 years of experience obtained on European and non-European business markets. It has been operating under its current corporate name since 2013.

As the name suggests, we are a Czech company operating in the fields of trade and investment. We cooperate closely with the Central-European and Central-African Joint Chamber of Commerce (formerly the Czech-Cameroon Joint Chamber of Commerce), utilising the financial capital of our foreign parent company, which also covers all activities of the corporation across various industries and, as a management company, is fully responsible for the corporation’s business.

We build our business strategy on the foundation of a logical outcome of the ever increasing need to export products from Czech and other European companies, seeking sales markets beyond the already saturated and increasingly less able to compete eastern part of the European Union.

In view of our previous activities in Africa, we have particularly concentrated our efforts on the equatorial area of the continent, specifically on markets in Cameroon and the countries of the duty-free trade zone CEMAC (Cameroon, Chad, the Central African Republic, Congo and Equatorial Guinea). Here, we have developed very interesting and already verified contacts for individual state and private entities in the field of engineering, construction, agriculture and armed forces.

In case of interest, please do not hesitate to contact us.