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Cargo Security Service

This service concerns the transport of consignments, which we generally provide through our subsidiary CZECH.CARGO.TRANS. s.r.o.

Protection is provided in an operative manner so that no incidents occur during transport. Cargo Security Service not only secures consignments of valuable items, but also ensures ordinary transportation of goods for trade, in most cases international carriage. During loading of goods and materials, our employees perform checks of the requested quantity and declared type, before overseeing transportation, with emphasis placed on meeting transport deadlines and, in the final phase, ensure undamaged delivery of shipments, together with all accompanying and related documentation, to an authorised recipient at their destination. For the entire duration of transport, shipments are technically secured and their precise position is monitored with GPS real-time shipment tracking.

At present, our company primarily provides the Cargo Security Service in Eastern European countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine and Moldova) where, with regard to the economic and social situation in each individual country, protection and security of shipments for trade is absolutely ESSENTIAL.


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