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About us

Czech trade & invest company s.r.o. was founded on 8 October 2013, based on a logical outcome of the ever increasing need to export products from European trading companies, seeking new sales markets beyond the already saturated and increasingly less able to compete eastern part of the European Union. In view of our previous activities in Africa, we have concentrated our efforts on the equatorial area of the continent, particularly on activities in Cameroon and the countries of the duty-free trade zone CEMAC (Cameroon, Chad, the Central African Republic, Congo and Equatorial Guinea). Here, we have already developed very interesting and verified contacts for individual state and private entities in the field of engineering, construction and agriculture. The extraction of mineral raw materials, especially copper and bauxite, is an exceptional and highly lucrative industry in the region. Gold and diamond mining remains a specific feature, though it is subject to special permits issued by individual CEMAC states. The most important task facing the construction industry is currently modernisation of antiquated infrastructure (construction of roads and railways), while there are also interesting government-guaranteed projects in the area of dam construction.

There is exceptional interest in Cameroon for the import of new wood processing technologies. Further interest has been expressed in technologies for PVC and metal recycling and, last but not least, technologies to facilitate development of the agricultural industry in these otherwise very fertile regions. At the present time, this community is the most progressively developing area on the African continent and has entered into associational trade agreements with the European Union, which will make it easier for European countries to enter the market of these increasingly rich nations.

Our company works closely with the Czech-Cameroon Joint Chamber of Commerce and, in addition to conducting its own business activities, seeks out business opportunities in this area for Czech and European companies, while also facilitating the entry of such entities into the African market. For anyone who is interested in this attractive region, we can take care of all administrative formalities concerning the entry of trading companies into Africa and ensure, where possible, the simplest way of stabilising their businesses in what, to us, may still seem like exotic regions.